Family Times.

The family came, and the family done gone.

In the week long visit I gained a whopping 10 pounds (although every delightful morsel was well worth the flub). We dined at a slew of great restaurants, and I wish I had been able to go to some of the hot spots that I missed (school, it trumps). Food is just so durn amazing - nothing beats it… especially when you share the meal with the folks you love.
Restaurants I got to stuff my face at:

  • Queen of Sheba (always a treat)
  • Slappy Cakes (a first for me! Please go)
  • McMenamins (trying different beers is a delight)
  • Tasty n Sons (such a good breakfast)
  • Little Big Burger (the fries are beyond addicting)
  • Eat Pizza (some pizza joint off of 20th and Morrison)
  • Zips (favorite fast food joint in E. WA - Mountain of Tarter)
  • Food carts (sadly, I didn’t get the names… they weren’t worth it

Restaurants I wish I could have gone to:

  • Pine State Biscuits
  • Irving Street Kitchen

I will miss my family, the boys were cute, the Uncle’s silly, and the Aunt’s beautiful.

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